What are the best decentralized web hosting providers in 2022?

The web hosting industry is a large and diverse one, with many different types of providers. There are companies that specialize in providing cloud-based servers, while there are others that focus on providing private cloud-based services. There are also those who offer managed hosting solutions as well as unmanaged ones; some provide dedicated servers while others provide virtual machines (VMs).


Web3Host is a decentralized cloud hosting provider. It uses IPFS to store files, which means that it has no central server and all users’ data is stored on their hard drives or in the cloud. Web3Host was founded in 2018 by Dirk Poot and Tim Verax, who are both software developers from the Netherlands. The company offers three plans: free (for personal use), low cost (from €1 per month), and high cost ($10 per month).


IPFS.com is a peer-to-peer content-addressable storage system that allows users to store any file, including video, images and text. The platform uses the Interplanetary File System (IPFS) which allows users to directly connect files together. IPFS is one of the most popular decentralized web hosting providers on the market today because it offers high performance at low costs compared with other solutions in this space such as Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage which charge users more for storage than other methods


Textile.io is a decentralized file storage system that allows users to store files in a decentralized fashion. It’s similar to Storj, except it doesn’t rely on cloud storage providers like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure for its service. Instead, Textile enables you to store your files in the blockchain with anyone who uses the network—and if you don’t want your data exposed at all? That’s perfectly fine too!

Textile uses Ethereum as its primary currency (ETZ), so if you haven’t already taken care of that task before reading this article then please do so now—it’ll make things easier later on down the line when we get into some technical details about how Textile works


Fleek is a decentralized web hosting provider. If you’re looking for a reliable, secure, and affordable option for your website, then it’s definitely worth giving Fleek a try!

Fleek is one of the best decentralized web hosting providers out there because they offer an excellent customer service experience at all times—even during holiday seasons or weekends! The team behind Fleek has years of experience in handling large amounts of traffic from all over the world; this means that no matter what happens on their end (i.e., if there’s an issue with your site), someone will be able to help fix it quickly so that you can get back online as soon as possible.

Arweave Protocol

Arweave is a new blockchain platform that is focused on data storage. It’s designed to be an open-source and decentralized data storage solution, offering users the ability to store their files across multiple devices in one place. Arweave Protocol offers two main services: Arweave File Storage (AFS), which allows you to upload, store and access your files from any device; and Arweave Network Storage (ANS), which allows you to host your own web site or website content at no cost.

These are some great providers

As you can see, there are a lot of different factors to consider when choosing a decentralized web hosting provider. Some providers are more reliable than others, some provide better security and user experience, others are more user-friendly or efficient. Each provider is unique in its own way!

The best way to find out what kind of features you need for your site is by reading reviews from real people who have used each provider before. You should also look at how much traffic the platform receives on its site (and whether it has an active community) so that you know whether or not there is demand for their service in your niche market area overall—this will help determine if this company might be worth investing time into long-term rather than short term solutions like free alternatives offered by Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services (AWS).

We’ve looked at the future of web hosting, and we think the decentralized web hosting providers are going to be big players. If you want to get started with a provider today, check out Web3Host or IPFS.com—we think they’re both great options.