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Data Breach Prevention

An average data security breach will take almost six months or more to be discovered and for small businesses, they may not be aware about the breach in their company. Keep your personal data safe from being exposed through security breaches. 403IT offers various services that help protect personal and business data.
Some of the services we offer are
Protect your business from data breaches, and discover all of your data leaks.

Managed Security Services

If you’re struggling with the shortage of skills, facing new threats or searching to improve efficiency 403 IT Managed Security Services will help you improve your organization quickly and become more resilient with time. 403 IT can help you increase the capabilities of your team, improve your surroundings and become more resilient as time passes.
Leverage multiple benefits from our flexible approach to managed cyber security services, including
Secure Your Most Valuable Business Assets with 403 IT

Managed Threat Response

As the variety, volume and complexity of cybersecurity threats grow exponentially, companies must maintain security operations centers with professionals with the highest level of expertise and resources. To reduce the risk of cyber security the ability to quickly detect and respond to threats is crucial. We offer an outcome-oriented service with the tools, technology, and cyber offensive intelligence that is required to detect threats across your company’s networks and endspoints and to help them shut off before they can cause harm and disruption.
Our service provides you with these advantages
Protect your business and take timely action against security threats with a dedicated team of response experts

Multi Factor Authentication

Companies and organizations are abandoning passwords to protect online access to their applications. 403IT’s solutions assist you in implementing various authentication options to enhance the security of your applications and ensure conform to global standards. Our authentication and access as well as trust solutions enable you to create secure applications using solid identities while protecting the confidentiality of data of users.
Few of the most significant reasons to use MFA are
Secure your network and services with two-factor authentication

Penetration & Vulnerability Testing

Testing for vulnerability and penetration can aid in understanding your network’s weaknesses, and help you take the necessary measures to increase your security. We at 403 IT we mix testing for penetration with vulnerability assessments to assist clients establish and maintain an effective security position. By utilizing our professional testing techniques and our specialized knowledge in application security coupled with access to real-time threat analysis, we can aid you in identifying vulnerabilities and areas of vulnerability.
Some of the services we offer are
Find vulnerabilities in your applications and services before hackers do.

Data Protection

Modern companies require modern security tools to stay ahead of cyber-attack game. This is a dynamic environment in which new threats can manifest themselves at any time. Our security solutions are designed to provide true peace of mind with genuine innovation. They are offered with a range of affordable subscription options. The best part is that you don’t have to fret about the security equipment you use to allow us to start working and you’ll reap more savings over time.
Data privacy protection brings business value through
Seize the moment to protect critical data, connected users, and the customers you serve

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