3 Reasons To Get Backup Disaster Recovery Services For Your Company

Data loss is both distressing and costly. Even a small data loss can cause major damage to your business in terms of revenue generation. All businesses require a data backup disaster recovery plan to combat a broad range of threats, security failures, productivity loss, permanent data loss, and increased cost. get affordable IT services in Calgary to quickly and efficiently retrieve the data. 

This article includes three important reasons to get backup disaster recovery services for your company. 

1# Multiple Threats:

Data is always a valuable component of a company. Multiple threats lead to data loss and data leaks. This threat can be of any type including physical device damage, technical threats, human threats, natural disasters, or technical threats. 

According to the Global Data Risk Report 2021, approximately 33% of a company’s data is open to everyone. 

Of course, that’s a major problem. To put it in simple words, anyone from your company or competitors can create, update, and delete important documents without your permission. Moreover, some aggressive viruses also lead to data corruption and data loss. Similarly, mishandling and accidental formatting destroy the data. All you have to do is to get a reliable data backup and disaster service provider for addressing all the major problems. 

2# Cost:

Last-minute attempts to recover lost data can be very damaging and expensive. All these damages require technical assistance. Hence, it increases cost. You spend a significant portion of the budget on recovering lost data. 

Usually, small businesses face the major threats of data loss and hacking. According to the report of the National Cyber Security Alliance, 20% of all small-sized businesses are hacked at least once a year.

You must have a solid disaster plan to maintain a safe and secure copy of your data. There are multiple factors before choosing the right solution for data backup and recovery services. It is the best way to protect your data from extruders. The custom-tailored data backup disaster recovery services guarantee the required recovery plan to exceed your expectations. The experts assess all types of data to protect and identify major threats. 

3# Fauilre Of Security Measures:

Ransomware Viruses are worldwide known to cause potential damage to your data. There is no way to restore your lost data. However, backup disaster recovery services secure your data in Cloud from which you can retrieve uninfected versions of the data. 

According to a report released by Clutch, approximately 78% of small businesses retrieved their data on Cloud by the end of 2020.

Even sometimes the strongest and most reliable security measures fail while protecting your company’s data from loss. Obviously, the productivity of the company will suffer in case of data loss. Your employees will suffer until data is not retrieved. Ultimately, you will suffer and end up compromising your company’s growth rate. Less profits, less growth, and less trust established by your customers. The companies that provide affordable IT services in Calgary focus on designing a suitable plan for securing your data from potential damage by analyzing your company’s budget.